March 2015, Deborah S., Los Angeles, CA:

Edelweiss did some floor polishing for me.  They came out twice, first to evaluate the job and do the stripping and again to finish the work.  The owner came out and did the original estimate and was very thorough.  He did some sample stripping to make sure the work could be properly done.  A very friendly and thorough professional.  The two workers he sent out were very friendly and helpful as well.  They also left a blower at the residence for a couple of days to ensure the floor was properly dry before sealing.  We would definitely use them again.


January 2015, Lou L., Santa Fe, NM:

Edelweiss removed mold invested walls, ceiling, floors.  Billed as appropriate to insurance, much of cost approx. $8,000.00 was covered.


March 2014, Edward K., Santa Fe, NM:

I was in need of mold remediation from a leaky pipe.  Edelweiss technicians were on time, they setup without a mess, they did a great job and cleaned up.  It was perfect and they were pleasant!  I would definitely hire them again.


October 2013, Malissa K., Santa Fe, NM:

We called Edelweiss to clean a pet soiled carpet.  They cleaned our upstairs office area and 16 steps plus the stair landing plus my daughter’s bedroom for about $114.00.  They also cleaned a microfiber couch.  The office and stairs smelled of urine from a previous tenant’s dog.  We had the carpet pad replaced, but the company that did the replacing suggested that the smell wouldn’t be eradicated entirely unless the carpets were cleaned and suggested we call Edelweiss.  The crew members were polite, swift and professional.  I was so impressed that I asked them if they had time to clean my sofa.  The team leader called the office which adjusted an appointment and made it happen.  Microfiber, I’ve learned, is a stain magnet, but the couch was a designer piece worth preserving.


October 2013, Susan C., Santa Fe, NM:

Edelweiss cleaned and deodorized my carpets.  They were so professional, courteous and did such a great job.


June 2013, Trisha T., Santa Fe, NM:

I have used Edelweiss for almost 20 years and have never been disappointed with the company.  Since I was having my floors refinished it seemed like the right time to have the rugs cleaned, some for the first time in decades.  The technicians showed up each time very promptly and professionally.  The first time, they removed five large rugs and returned them to me on the date I requested, and still rolled up as I requested.  I let the floor refinishers lay the rugs when the floors were done.  When they returned the first five, they removed two large, very old Persian rugs.  The rugs came back today looking spectacular.  The staff worked very hard to make sure everything is exactly where you want it, and do not get impatient if you do the “one inch this way, one inch that way” process.  Today they took away a 6’x9′ rug that suffered when my dog got skunked last week and rolled on it.  I feel guilty but the technicians assured me they can get it smelling like a flower.  A great group of people to deal with.


June 2013, Cynthia D., Santa Fe, NM:

Edelweiss cleaned my tiles, polished and sealed them.  This company knows what they are doing.  I have lived here 2 years and had no idea my floor tiles were so beautiful until Edelweiss worked their magic.  I’m so happy with the results.  They are very organized and efficient with their time.  It took 3 days for the entire process and it was worth every second that I was inconvenienced.  The technicians helped with moving the furniture and replacing on completion, very professional.


May 2013, Carol M., Santa Fe, NM:

Excellent service.  The crew was professional and prompt and I am extremely happy with the work done.  It began as an emergency situation where I had a flood in 5 areas of my home on a Sunday afternoon.  As soon as I called, they came and began the process which took a month due to the extensive water damage.  They had to remove carpets, move furniture and dry out flooded areas.  Their prompt service saved me from a much worse situation.  They always answered my calls, even as problems arose on a weekend and solved everything efficiently and pleasantly.  Everyone who came was courteous, hard working and completely trustworthy.  I give them the highest marks in every area and would not hesitate using them again.  This was an extremely difficult emergency situation and they were pleasant and efficient and completely in control of every area that had to be fixed.  On a Sunday afternoon the owner personally answered my call and sent a crew with a supervisor who remained on my job throughout the entire process.  After drying out the areas they constantly came to check on the progress and oversaw all the necessary steps which included testing of the areas for bacteria, mold etc.  It was extremely helpful to know that whenever I called, someone would respond immediately even on weekends and at any hour of the day or night.  I had no idea what the job entailed and felt Edelweiss handled everything thoughtfully, intelligently, promptly and professionally- and that lessened the stress of the whole situation immensely.


August 2013, Elton D., Corrales, NM:

I hired Edelweiss to clean a large house that included a living room, 4 bedrooms and a hallway.  Everything was quite reasonable.  The technicians did move my furniture.  They were prompt and thorough.


March 2012, Robert B., Santa Fe, NM:

After checking on several companies who do Saltillo tile cleaning, we found Edelweiss with the best price and they did a fantastic job on our more than 1000 square feet of Saltillo tile.  It looks great and they were punctual and friendly.  They moved everything that needed moving, power washed one day, sealed and surfaced the next, and returned the third morning to put everything back.  We could not have been happier.


March 2011, Judy B., Santa Fe, NM:

Edelweiss removed water and water damaged ceiling, insulation and sheetrock from my home after my pipes burst.  They checked for mold.  They were very thorough with drying out my home, cleaning up water damaged aspects, checking for mold and declaring the home safe and sound.  They also did a follow-up visit a week later to re-examine everything to make sure this home was absolutely dry.  They went above and beyond.  It gave me complete confidence that this home was free of water damage and mold build up.  I’m 100% happy with what they’ve done.  They were methodical and professional and they explained everything they were doing.


July 2009, Rosa H., Glorieta, NM:

Edelweiss cleaned the area rug in my home.  They were excellent.  They did one of the best jobs I have ever seen.


July 2010, Deb & Jim B., Santa Fe, NM:

I want to thank Edelweiss for the excellent job that you, your staff, and your sub-contractors did in restoring the water damage that was done to our home.  This work was done extremely well, surpassing our expectations.  This was due, no doubt, to your experience, your judgment, your project management, and your attention to detail.  The repair cost estimate was correct, covering all the work required and incorporating everything that we discussed.  I would gladly recommend your company to everyone who might inquire; please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.


March 2010, Carolyn M., Santa Fe, NM:

I want to thank Edelweiss so much for the wonderful service that I received during the restoration of my condo.  You were always efficient, kind, and courteous and I appreciate this enormously.  When I think of what might have happened had I not had the good fortune to hear of Edelweiss, I shudder! With best wishes and many thanks.


June 2013, Nancy D., Horses for Heroes, Santa Fe, NM:

On behalf of Horses for Heroes- New Mexico, Inc. I would like to thank Edelweiss for generously donating your services of construction cleanup for our new warrior bunkhouse.  Your commitment to helping our Heroes is sincerely appreciated!  Each year Horses For Heroes- New Mexico, Inc. continues to advance its mission of helping Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom- Afghanistan veterans and active military who have sustained physical injuries or combat trauma (PTSD) during their time serving our country.  Through our programs we have seen many lives changed for the better.  Sharing our experience, our strengths and hopes, we work together creating a new path to peace and balance for our veterans and giving them a new and vital mission.  Again, thank you for helping our Heroes!  With every good wish and blessing.


March 2009, Sherry T., Esperanza Shelter, Santa Fe, NM:

On behalf of the board, our staff, and most importantly, our clients, thank you Edelweiss for the generous donation of complete carpet cleaning at the shelter.  Your support allows Esperanza to continue to offer assistance to families in crisis, emergency shelter and counseling services.


March 2007, Gregg S., The Frost Foundation, Santa Fe, NM:

I wanted to thank Edelweiss for the incredible service you provided during the water damage removal and mold remediation in The Frost Foundation Building.  From our first meeting, you instilled a complete sense of confidence in all of us with your knowledge of our situation, your thoroughness of investigating the extent of our damage and your clear description of the process that would be necessary.  The promptness with which you where able to begin the work and then the scheduling flexibility you allowed us during the process was very much noticed and appreciated.  I cannot thank you and your crew enough for the care and sensitivity exhibited in the facility’s preparation and the demolition that was necessary.  Even with the vast extent of material that had to be removed, they did absolutely no damage to the structure beyond the parameters you set.  This will make the restoration process so much easier than it could have been.  Please give the entire crew that was involved with us a very special thank you!  We were hoping to do so ourselves, but they were so quiet and efficient in their final load-out, they were gone before we had the chance.  It was a pleasure dealing with a company of such true professionals.